Welcome to Here you can easily check Indian Railway and IRCTC PNR Status by just entering your 10 digit PNR number printed on your ticket.

There are several methods through which one can check railway current reservation status. The most popular way to check ticket current reservation status is through online websites. Official site of Indian Railway can be accessed here: and official site of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) can be accessed here at Note that one can not check PNR status through IRCTC website unless they have bought ticket through IRCTC. One can also use one very popular unofficial PNR Status website Trains PNR Status.

Indian Railway trains whose PNR status are checked frequently:

  1. Mysore Express: Train number 06228 Mysore Express runs between Talguppa and Mysore Junction. It departs from Talguppa railway station at 10.00 PM and arrives Mysore Junction at 7.00 AM in the morning.
  2. Mandovi Express: Train number: 10103 and 10104 | Runs between: Madgaon (Goa) and Mumbai CST | Total Distance Covered: 765 KM.
  3. Gorakhpur Lokmanyatilak Kashi Express: Train number: 15017 and 15018 | Runs between: Gorakhpur Junction and Lokmanyatilak Terminus (LTT) | Total Distance Covered: 1714 KM.
  4. Shalimar Express: Train number: 14645 and 14646 | Runs between: Delhi and Jammu Tawi | Total Distance Covered: 640 KM.

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